They Flail About

by Dave Larson

It is a common trait of some
To settle into simple thoughts
About the world’s most complex things,
For serious thoughts are really not

As gratifying to the minds
Of those that must have absolutes
Who think to keep within the lines
Wherein they’ll find ‘eternal truths’.

But when such truths are shown to be
Mirages, easy to dispel,
And, of unproven held beliefs,
A skeptic breaks the magic spell,

The simple thinkers start to shout,
And, in a rage, they flail about,
As if, by anger, they’ll win out,
And logic, science, put to rout.

And so, we find ourselves today
Awash in fury, lashed by hate
From those who bought the fantasy
That’s clearly not reality.

I’m sure that there will come a day
Their children’s children ask them when
They thought that they were right to say
That caging children made us great